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Great Outhouse Blowout

September 13, 2014

HEAR YE ! ......  HEAR YE !

The 2014 GREAT OUTHOUSE BLOWOUT at HISTORIC PENN'S STORE is now on the table with a projected DATE: Saturday ~ SEPTEMBER 13.

We are looking for RACE TEAMS, SPONSORS, VENDORS, MUSICIANS/BANDS, VOLUNTEERS, and ANYONE interested in being a part of this event. As many of you know, and for those of you who do not, Historic Penn's Store is totally funded by the 5th and 6th generation of the Gabriel Jackson Penn family ( or "Hack" Penn's niece and grand niece) that has continued operation of the store since 1850. Because the store is privately owned (just us girls), the store does not qualify for state or federal funding. Thus, the G.O.B. is the main fundraiser for Historic Penn's Store.

In other words ...... it helps keep the store lights on, the wood stove burning,

and the store dogs and cats fed!! 

So, please, please, please ....help us keep Penn's Store, the Oldest Country Store in America in Continuous Ownership and Operation by the Same Family, going!!! Contact us to get involved!

Come by the Store (Open weekends) 

Hours until October ...  Saturday (11 AM - 6 PM) ~ Sunday ( 2 PM - 6 PM )


PHONE: 859.332.7715   EMAIL:  PennsStore@aol.com

Also, spread the word!! We need all the help we can get!!!

Thanks to all of you who have supported Penn's Store in the past!!! We love you all!!!

For more information, click here.



For those of you concerned about the store and what is going on with the cleanup and with the well being of the pets there, click here for more information.

Welcome to Penn's Store

This property is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places
and ...
This property is a designated Kentucky Historical Landmark
and ...
This property is a Kentucky Centennial Business.

Come see what we are all about---

( All hours are "country hours" - give or take a few minutes.)

Saturday   11 AM ~ 6 PM
Sunday       2 PM ~ 6 PM

Saturday    11 AM ~ 5 PM
Sunday        1 PM ~ 5 PM

* Weekday hours are by perchance or appointment presently.
Weather conditions can alter Store hours.
If coming from a distance, it is advisable to call ahead. 
( 859.332-7706  or  859.332-7715 )

Penn's Store is the oldest country store in America being run continuously by the same family. It has been in the Penn family since 1850. Nestled in the central region of Kentucky, Penn's Store has become a popular site for visitors seeking living history in an ever changing, modern world. The store remains today much as it has throughout its past 150+ years. It is not a restored landmark; it is an authentic landmark.

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