For almost 150 years Penn's Store was just a local source for groceries and friendship. Occasionally some reporter would stumble upon the place and write about how different it is. For the most part though, the "outside world" knew little of Penn's Store.
That all changed in 1992. After almost 150 years without a bathroom, one was added to Penn's Store. But it was no ordinary bathroom - it was an outhouse. The fact that the store was adding a new outhouse was news enough. No one builds outhouses anymore. But the publicity really started when we decided to throw a party to dedicate it. This was no ordinary party. It was an OUTHOUSE BLOWOUT. The outhouse was dedicated by Chet Atkins, Billy Edd Wheeler, and many other musical guests from far and near. The media ate it up.  Since then, the store has been featured in numerous newspaper stories, magazine articles, and television shows. The store was even in Playboy magazine. This page lists some of those stories and articles for you to look at.  
Lexington Herald-Leader (Lexington, KY) 
October, 1992 
"Oh What a Relief It Is ... Store to Get Privy"
The Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY) 
October 1992 
"Old Store Makes Much Ado about New Outhouse" 
Danville Advocate-Messenger (Danville, KY) 
October 1992 
"Paying Homage to the Throne" 
Lexington Herald-Leader (Lexington, KY) 
October 18, 1992 
"First Privy, Celebration Brings Country Store out of Bush League"
The Kentucky Advocate (Danville, KY) 
October 18, 1992 
"Chet Atkins: 'This Place Reminds Me of Home' "
Danville Advocate Messenger 
"Whittlers Pile Up Shavings at Penn's"
The Kentucky Advocate (Danville, KY) 
August 20, 1995 
"A Bit of Southern Exposure" 
Danville Advocate-Messenger (Danville, KY) 
July 31, 1996 
"Venerable Forkland Store Exposed in National Magazine" 
Lexington Herald-Leader (Lexington, KY) 
August 9, 1996 
"Country Store Gets Exposure in Playboy
Southern Living
August 1996 KY Edition 

September 1996 

Kentucky Living
October 1996 

Kentucky Living
October 1997 

Country America
March 1998 

Kentucky Living
July 1998 

You Gotta See This - Fox Sports News
July 6, 2002

Unwrapped Country -- Food Channel
November 7, 2005

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