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Great Outhouse Blowout

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September 13, 2014

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HEAR YE ! ......  HEAR YE !

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UK and UT roll aside!

 Could it be that a new rivalry is in the "can" for Kentucky and Tennessee!?  Is there a new green movement a foot for the "Little Brown Shack Out Back", so aptly sung by CMA  Hall of Fame inductee Billy Edd Wheeler in the 1960's!?   On Saturday,  August 30 outhouses on wheels and teams on foot will race head to head down Main Street, Celina, Tennessee in the 2014 MOONSHINE DAZE festival's outhouse race to flush the competition.   The dawn of a new era ... no gas needed for these racers.  Just good ole human flight of foot. Endurance and strength, having fun and saving the environment! 

 Teams representing Kentucky's most prestigious privy race, the GREAT OUTHOUSE 300 RACE held at Historic Penn's Store, outside Gravel Switch, Kentucky each Autumn during the "GREAT OUTHOUSE BLOWOUT"  will be traveling to Celina, Tennessee to make a run for champ in their MOONSHINE DAZE race.   Outhouses!  Moonshine!   Isn't this how NASCAR started?   

 Kentucky's " GREAT OUTHOUSE BLOWOUT" www.PennsStore.com Event Director, Jeanne Penn Lane and Tennessee's MOONSHINE DAZE, www.moonshinedaze.org  Race Director, Ike Bonecutter invite all to join in making outhouse race history at Historic Courthouse Square in downtown Celina, Tennessee this August 30, Labor Day weekend.   

 Anyone wanting to join in the state line rivalry and try their racing skills, can get more information at:

KENTUCKY ... www.PennsStore.com   email:  PennsStore@aol.com

Event Date:  Saturday ~ SEPTEMBER 13, 2014  

       Beginning at 10:00 AM  ~  PARADE of PRIVIES 11:30 AM  ~  RACES begin at HIGH NOON

 TENNESSEE ... www.moonshinedaze.org  

Event Date: ( August 28 ~ 30 ) RACE ... Saturday ~ August 30, 2014  Pit Open for spectators 9:30 AM

Come by the Store (Open weekends) 

Hours until October ...  Saturday (11 AM - 6 PM) ~ Sunday ( 2 PM - 6 PM )


PHONE: 859.332.7715   EMAIL:  PennsStore@aol.com

Also, spread the word!! We need all the help we can get!!!

Thanks to all of you who have supported Penn's Store in the past!!! We love you all!!!


For More Information:

Penn's Store
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Phone: 859-332-7706
E-mail: pennsstore@aol.com

GPS Coordinates: N37.549912; W085.028191

( All hours are "country hours" - give or take a few minutes.)

Saturday   11 AM ~ 6 PM
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Saturday    11 AM ~ 5 PM
Sunday        1 PM ~ 5 PM

* Weekday hours are by perchance or appointment presently.
Weather conditions can alter Store hours.
If coming from a distance, it is advisable to call ahead. 
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