2015 Great Outhouse Blowout
Saturday September 13, 2015
Musical Performers

Hershel McKinley is probably best known
for his many years on Danville radio stations as News Director, public affairs broadcaster and morning air personality.  In what Hershel describes as "long ago and far away" he wrote, produced, directed and appeared in many films for the State of Kentucky in The Department of Public Information.  Hershel has worked in the Lexington and northern Ohio radio and television markets and is a graduate of Kent State University.
Chase McBride works for Campbellsville Radio Station 99.9FM, "The Big Dawg".

Trena Douglas and Freddie Edwards

As a child born to George Simon and Patricia Lay Douglas on June 15, 1968, it was evident at an early age a child prodigy had arrived.  Between milking cows, working in the logging woods and tobacco fields, Trena somehow found the inner strength to write her songs, through hardships most have never shared.  Penning her first song at the tender age of 14, “The Forkland Flower”. It was evident her vision and awareness were far beyond her years.  Encouraged by family, friends and industry professionals her first CD ...."Long Hard Road...." is scheduled for fall 2014 Release.  Time has come for Trena to walk out of Scrubgrass Hollow, and let the world share her extraordinary talent and hear true Americana Music in its purest form.

The J Blues Project is a group of veteran musicians made up of Joe Caldwell on lead guitar, Jeff Cain doing lead vocals and guitar, and John Waters on harmonica. For the past fifteen years they have been entertaining Central Kentucky with their brand of Blues, Rock and R&B. 


Gerry Freeman is a veteran musician with 46 years as a top notch drummer. 


He has played for many top music stars including EXILE, RICKY SKAGGS, SHENANDOAH, BARBARA FAIRCHILD, and others.  He performs regionally with other music stars

in concert, on TV shows, and performing venues such as Renfro Valley. 

The Cincinnati, Ohio native presently resides in central Kentucky

and is also the drummer for the group Big Train.


At the 2015 BLOWOUT Freeman will be sitting in with  BIG BOSS BAND


Joe Crafa has been performing music since he was a young man starting out singing on the street corners of Brooklyn, New York. His wife, Leah, began her journey as a musician in church at an early age. They have been performing music together for six years, which began as singing mushy, romantic songs together that evolved into singing love songs to each other. 

BACK 40 BAND, performs the music the public can't hear on the radio any longer and  is comprised of Mark Hardwick ( Lead vocal, bass guitar ) ... Scott McQueary ( Lead & rthymn guitar and vocals ) ... Brian McQueary ( drums ) ... Luke McQueary ( guitar & vocals ).


Mark Hardwick, on bass, is a veteran musician whose powerful voice makes it an instrument unto itself. 

Scott McQueary, another veteran musician having played since age 12, when not performing with BACK 40 BAND may be found on tour with various country music stars and doing session work in Nashville.  He toured with Jerrod Neimann and played on THE HUNG JURY album.

Brian McQueary has played with various bands including the SHOWDOWN band, and when not performing with BACK 40 BAND he also may be found on tour with various regional acts.

Luke McQueary is the 15 year guitar player "everyone" is talking about.   Having started playing guitar at age 11, he now plays with the expertise of a veteran musician.

BIG BOSS BAND features Dawn Osborn, Randy Mayes, Gerry Freeman,
Steve Sheperson and Freddie Edwards.

Gerry Freeman
Dawn Osborn

Randy Mayes

For more information contact Jeanne Penn Lane at
Penn's Store
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Gravel Switch, Kentucky 40328
Phone: 859-332-7706
E-mail: PennsStore@aol.com
GPS Coordinates: N37.549912; W085.028191

It is best to call ahead to check times and cancellations.


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